What to Pack For The Perfect Maui Vacation

Before you Go

The idea of Packing for a vacation to Maui and your Hawaiian dream vacation in advance seems to drip like molasses on a cold winters night. The last thing people think about is what to prepare and pack while on vacation in Maui. When the time finally does come, it seems like it flew by and now you are left with very little time to think about what to pack, plan, and do.

PACKING FOR MAUI: Create a Packing List

Reservation confirmations, tickets, itineraries
Sunblock!  Hawaii is a lot closer to the equator and you can get sunburn very easily. The higher SPG the better and put it on when you’re in the sun and when you get out of the pool or swimming in the ocean. The worse is getting a bad sunburn while on vacation.
Passport or Drivers License
Wallet & purse (a smaller purse for when walking around at night or in the day that is not too heavy.)
Medical insurance cards
Cash, credit cards, traveler’s checks
Cell phone and charger
Camera, film, or, extra space on sim cards, thumb drives etc.
Eyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts, cleaning solution
Prescriptions & medications
Magazines, books
Snacks & drinks for on the plane
Maps & Directions
Makeup & toiletries
Quick Packing Tip (Don’t over-pack)

Packing for Vacation: Limit shoes and socks. You will mainly be wearing flip flops. If you plan to go hiking, bring 1 pair of good walking shoes. Outerwear Think tropical. Think summer. Shorts, skirts, t-shirts, tank-tops, light cardigans, dresses. Maybe 1 pair of jeans or slacks and one slightly heavier cardigan style sweater. Beachwear to Bring, Bathing suits, coveralls, sunglasses, sun hat, sari. swimming trunks & board shorts. Clothing pack clothes that are versatile and will keep you cool. T-shirts that can double up as a night shirt or a beach cover-up. Outfits that can be dressed up or down.

PACKING FOR MAUI: One week or more prior to arrival:

Begin a “DO NOT FORGET TO PACK” list. If traveling with your family or friends it is best to include them on this list.
Figure out how you want to get to the airport. Would you rather take an airport transfer to your local airport, drive yourself and pay parking fees, or perhaps have a friend or family member take you?
Arrange to stop newspaper and snail mail delivery until your return unless you are planning on a house sitter.
Do you have pets? Don’t forget what they will need while your vacationing.
Get traveler’s checks if you plan on taking them along.
Print copies of your reservation(s). It is a good idea to print 3 copies. 1 for your carry-on luggage, one for someone at home, and another in your check-in luggage. Passport, Drivers License, credit cards, traveler’s check receipt(s), airline tickets. It is also a good idea to leave copies of your reservations with a close family friend or relative with the telephone numbers etc.

PACKING FOR MAUI: Up to one week prior to departure:

Wash Clothes and make a list of the clothing and accessories you plan to bring. (Hawaii and Maui are very casual. It is a good idea to pack light.)
Gather books, magazines, and maps, you plan to bring with you.
Finalize your itinerary and make sure to give a copy to someone at home; include names, addresses, and telephone numbers of hotels and people you intend to see while here.

PACKING FOR MAUI: 24 to 48 hours prior to departure

Call the airline to reconfirm your flight and inquire about any better seats. (Keep the number with your tickets.)
Pay all bills that will become due while you are gone.
Recharge cell phones, cameras, cordless shaver, toothbrushes and all other rechargeable items.
Begin packing your suitcase; make note of any last minute items (shampoo, toothbrush etc.) you will still need to pack in each bag.

Last Minute Things to do:

Packing for a vacation to Maui last minute items
Make sure you have printed directions to the airport if you or someone else is driving
Back up your computer and turn it off. (If bringing a laptop, make sure it is charged and is packed with its charger
Forward your email or put set an auto response
Change voicemail or answering machine
Wash Dishes
Water Plants
Unplug electrical devices
Shut and lock all doors and windows
Stop Newspaper or Mail delivery

Packing for a vacation to Maui is not hard. Hawaii is not glamorous like sparkly Hollywood runway or perfect catwalk in New York.

Hawaii is laid back. CHILL. The traffic is not a nuisance simply because you’re not in a hurry. You understand the ‘island life’ and you can rest, relax, and look at the ocean and go with the traffic’s flow.

The Perfect Beach Bag Accessories

There are a few ‘MUST PACK” items. However, many beach toys for adults and children can be rented for your entire vacation.

Flip Flops, Sandals- (aka Slippas)
Glasses, Contacts (An Extra Pair) (Contact Cleaning Solution)
Sunglasses! (Preferably Maui Jim’s)
A comfy sun hat
Beach Towels
Beach Toys
Beach Umbrella
Camera (extra memory cards) (or rent a go-pro)
Cell phone (Charger)
Small Bluetooth rechargeable speaker
Snorkel, Goggles & Fins
Flotation devices
Beach chairs-Beach umbrella
All Strollers, Pack n plays, cribs, beach strollers, car seats, etc. can be rented locally